“I really wish I had BirdDogBot when I started investing in real estate!”

I’ve been investing for five years and really wish I had BirdDogBot when I started!

It’s a VERY simple to use but POWERFUL program. It is honestly one of the easiest programs that I have ever used. It has literally saved me thousands of hours in analyzing deals. It’s like having a darn-near free assistant finding and analyzing deals for me! Besides finding and analyzing deals, BirdDogBot also gives me rent comps, which are very important to me being a landlord. As if all this wasn’t good enough, BirdDogBot added my new favorite feature… importing your own deals! Yes, I can take any deal, wholesale, flip or rental that I have from anywhere (including MLS!), it doesn’t have to come from BirdDogBot and I can import it using Excel (or OpenOffice), for BirdDogBot to analyze!

The customer service is really the best. It’s really refreshing to find support this fast and thorough – and believe it or not but BirdDogBot support actually listens to you and implements your suggestions. It’s a fantastic program at a nominal price.