The Harper Fragment and Blender

This is the famous Harper Fragment as photographed for the Warren Commission in Commission Document 1269 (CD1269).  The image at left is the outer portion of the fragment, and the image at right, is the inner portion.  This 2D rendering negates the natural curvature of the skull bone, making it completely undetectable.  The exact size of the Harper Fragment is 2.73 x 2.13 inches.

With Blender, we can use the above as reference images to create our 3D model with the following results.  In Blender, the 3D space,  curvature, texture, and surface characteristics of the fragment are restored:

Here is a screen shot of our actual mesh in Edit Mode showing position of our light sources and camera:

The Harper Fragment’s location is in the occipital-parietal area of the skull.  This Blender image shows its exact location:

Our final rendering of the Harper Fragment is thus: