Billy Lovelady, AKA “Black Hole Man”

On November 18, 2016 at the JFK Conference in Dallas, Texas,  we presented evidence that the man in the doorway in reality is Lee Oswald.  A year and a half ago, in October 2015 we began working on overlays of the two subjects, Lee Oswald and Billy Lovelady.  Not only were we able to positively identify Doorman, we were able to place Billy Lovelady in the doorway, but standing at the Southeast wall of the entrance, visoring his eyes with both hands.  This figure has been dubbed “Black Hole Man:”

When we apply forensic image overlay techniques, we can identify this figure as Billy Lovelady within a reasonable amount of certainty:

I would like to remind the reader that the key to viewing these overlays is to observe closely the amount of movement of features as the opacity gradually increases.  The  less movement observed, the closer the match. Here is the animation gif of Lovelady for the above collage: