The Roscoe White overlays

This past 11/16/17  and 11/17/17, a two-day mock trial for Lee Oswald was celebrated on the campus of the University of Houston. As noted on this website, I was supposed to have testified as an imaging expert for the defense.  My two areas of expertise would have been the backyard photos and the man in the doorway of the Altgens6 photograph.  For reasons beyond my control, I was excluded 6 days before the trial.  The result of the trial was a hung jury with a vote of 5-6 against Lee Oswald, with one juror failing to show up for deliberations.  I am not going to speculate as to which turn the trial would have taken had my work been presented to the jury, however, it is important to publish the work which took me about 6 weeks to complete, notwithstanding the two category 5 hurricanes which laid waste to Puerto Rico in September, my residence at the time.

We have already analyzed the backyard photos in a previous post.  CE133C was found among Roscoe White’s possessions in 1976, at which time it was turned over to the HSCA by the White family.  It was later returned to the White family.  The fact that CE133C was found among the possessions of Roscoe White raises all kinds of questions about his possible involvement in the production of these composites. The very first observation happens to be that both “Roscoe at the beach” and “backyard man” are standing with their weight on the right hip. 

As an aside, before we continue with what we would have covered in our testimony, an intriguing paper found at the Harold Weisberg JFK repository, which does not cite its author or its sources, posits the following information about Roscoe:

  1. Roscoe White grew up in the Red River Valley and married Rickey’s mother Geneva before joining the Marines. He was a crack shot with rifle and pistol, an accomplished photographer with a penchant for altering or obliterating the faces of his subjects, and he probably had access to microdot technology. “Rock” also had the uncanny ability to change his appearance so drastically that even family members had trouble recognizing him in photographs.”
  2. Roscoe and Lee Oswald trained in the Marines together and knew each other for years. They also worked together at Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall, which the Reverend Jack Shaw assured was involved as a base of operations on November 22, 1963, as detailed in chapter 2 of “The JFK Horsemen”. “He is also known to have had an affair with a woman named Hazel who worked at Jagger-Chiles-Stovall, a Dallas company that worked on top-secret defense contracts and where Lee Harvey Oswald was hired upon his return from the Soviet Union.” “A confidential source has stated that Roscoe was a contract operative during this period and knew then that there was a plan to eliminate President Kennedy, who was seen as a threat to national security. This source also confirmed that Oswald’s employment at Jagger-Chiles-Stovall and Roscoe’s involvement with Hazel gave both men access to the company’s micro-dot technology, which may explain the FBI’s persistent interest in Roscoe’s personal effects and agents’ remarks about microdots overheard during their searches of Geneva’s house in Paris.”

  3. Roscoe was trained in photography, having been hired in that capacity by the DPD, on October 7, 1963, only weeks before the assassination. Roscoe took pride in his photographic skills and was in the habit of altering the faces of people in photographs. “His relatives thought it curious that he went to the trouble of erasing the faces of all the people in his pictures. They wondered where he had learned to do that, but naturally he never offered any explanation.” “After eight months, Roscoe was finally classified a mechanic and remained in the MACS motor pool and continued sending home doctored photographs he had taken and developed himself.”

  4. Roscoe continued to take advantage of his position with the police department to engineer (or sabotage) the crime scene investigations, and may have supplied doctored photographs of Oswald.”

  5. Roscoe participated in the search at the Paine residence. “Due to his being assigned to Crime Scene Search, Roscoe took part in searches of Oswald’s room in Oak Cliff and the house in Irving where Marina stayed with the children. It was this involvement that enabled Roscoe to take the photographs that he kept in the blue suitcase. Naturally, it also provided him an excellent opportunity to remove, plant, or alter evidence.”

  6. Roscoe and J.D. Tippit were neighbors and lived across the street from each other. “Although Tippit and Roscoe had been neighbors and friends, and their families had been close, Roscoe did not attend the fallen officer’s funeral.”

  7. “November 24, 1963, was Ricky’s third birthday, and the family gathered together in their home waiting for Roscoe to come home for his party. Like Americans everywhere, they watched Jack Ruby shoot Oswald in the basement of the Police Courts Building amid a throng of reporters, and they were stunned. Moments later, Roscoe stormed into the house, screaming for them to hurry and get into the car. In a matter of moments, the White family was on the road, racing north toward Paris. Roscoe left his wife and kids with family there and disappeared for several days. Ricky had his birthday party the next day, without his dad.”

  8. “Evidence suggests that ROCK may have spent the missing days in a “safe house” in Central Texas, a place seen after by a colleague. He finally returned to Paris for his family, and they spent what Ricky remembers as a normal Christmas there.”

  9.  “When Oswald was murdered, Roscoe suspected that the conspirators had decided to eliminate everyone who could, implicate them, and he went to ground. After laying low in the safe house for several days, he received assurances, and reappeared. But he took steps to ensure that Geneva was not seen as a threat by having her submit to shock therapy.”

It is unlikely that Roscoe was murdered because he had threatened to disclose the Kennedy conspiracy. What is likely, and perhaps even more unsettling, is that after 1963 he continued in his role as a contract assassin, and the number of murders he committed may never be known. He was killed simply because he wanted out. This is supported by John Doe, who told Ricky that “nobody leaves the Company alive”, “or words to that effect. Roscoe White’s code name was “MANDARIN”.”

(Note: Anything in quotations above comes from the original document.)

The overlays

This is one of the images that were supposed to be shown. A study of the chins:

The next collage showed the result of overlaying “beach  Roscoe”, onto CE133C.  The reason, of course, because they matched in perspective:

In order to show the many faces of Roscoe White, we also created this collage showing all known photos of White:

Roscoe was a chameleon indeed, however, he always exhibited the same square chin as seen above.

This collage would have probably clinched the deal.  The neck, trapezoids, shoulders, and torso all line up perfectly with Roscoe White’s physique.

And if you were curious as to how Lee Oswald would fare in this test:

Here are some animated gifs, where the gallery image increases in opacity over the probe image.

Clearly not the same man. Case closed. Below, the correct individual who posed as Backyard Man – Roscoe White