“The JFK Horsemen” now available

The JFK Horsemen is finally available on Moonrockbooks and at Amazon. I wish to thank Jim Fetzer and Dave Gahary for making this project a reality. It is the result of six years of non-stop research, which I hope will offer students of the case, both new and old, an insight into the JFK assassination never before seen, with  extensive use of computer imaging and 3D technology.  The style and layout also defies convention by offering the reader images of the actual documents cited in key discussions throughout the book.  This way, the reader does not have to waste time going back to look at appendices or chase down the actual sources.  This new approach allows one to fully appreciate the cited researcher’s frame of mind, as it pertains to the presentation at hand.

The JFK Horsemen

Framing Lee, Altering the Altgens6 and Resolving Other Mysteries



Part I: The Altgens Photographs

Chapter 1: The Altgens’ Photographic Timeline

Chapter 2: The Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall Connection

Part II: The Man in the Doorway

Chapter 3: Lady by the Doorway

Chapter 4: The Untold Story of Joe Molina

Chapter 5: Roy Edward Lewis and Altgens6

Chapter 6: Lovelady Revisited: Andrews Air Force Base—The Fugitive

Chapter 7: The HSCA Activities of Kenneth Brooten and Robert Groden

Chapter 8: The Man in the Doorway Identified

Chapter 9: The Travails of the Rust-Colored Shirt

Chapter 10: Why Was Buell Wesley Frazier Erased From Altgens6?

Chapter 11: Who was in the TSBD Doorway? The Patsies

Part III: Framing Lee Harvey Oswald

Chapter 12: The Sinister Role of Bill Decker

Chapter 13: The Cab Ride That Never Happened

Chapter 14: The Chicanery of Joseph Ball

Chapter 15: Whalen’s Blunder

Chapter 16: The Backyard Photos

Part IV: Dealey Plaza in Dallas

Chapter 17: Crossfire in Dealey Plaza Reexamined: The Shot From The Front

Chapter 18: Zeroing in on JFK’s Fatal Head Shot

Part V: Queen Hecate and the JFK Horsemen

Chapter 19: The Forgotten Research of Beverly Brunson

Chapter 20: The JFK Horsemen