Towner film also rife with alterations

Tina Towner was 13 years old when she recorded a film of President John Kennedy’s limousine turning the corner of Houston onto Elm street on 22 November 1963.   Tina was using the family’s 8mm motion picture camera. The following Robert Cutler map shows her position along with her father Jim, who was taking 35 mm photographs of the motorcade as well:

Towner Family

Bear in mind that the Towner film shows what we don’t see in the Zapruder film – the turn of the limousine from Houston onto Elm Street. The Z film jumps from frame Z132 to frame 133 in the following manner:

So the Towner film fills out what is missing in the Zapruder film.  Unfortunately for the conspirators, the film simply does not stand up to modern-day digital scrutiny, as we shall see. Here is the relevant portion of the Towner film:

Film expert Mike Machanska has detected several alterations in the Towner film,  enticing us to go back and break the film down, where we have detected other anomalies as well.  They are published here for the first time ever.

The next two slides illustrate what Machanska has discovered. The JFK figure appears to have been pasted in, where a visible black outline can be seen as a result of this procedure:

Here are blowups of the areas in question, notice the outline mentioned above:

As the film proceeds, numerous inconsistencies are evident, where the men in the limo appear to be in shadows when in reality they should be in clear daylight as we see with Jackie and Nelly, and a smiling William Greer, Secret Service driver who positioned JFK into the kill zone for the ambush.  Mike also observes that the Jackie figure appears static and does not move in any way shape or form, suggesting that the same image has been superimposed over as many as ten consecutive frames.

The Great Splice

As the limousine approaches the TSBD building, the “Great Spice” is encountered. Suddenly the limousine appears to lurch ahead where at least ten frames have been removed, a clear indication that those who altered the Towner decided it just wasn’t worth the time and effort.

JFK’s left hand crudely painted in over Jackie’s upper left back

One of the most laughable and egregious alterations has to be the magic hand! Whoever altered the Towner decided it would be cool to add JFK’s hand around Jackie’s upper left back, while at the same time he is seen straining to see what is going on to his immediate right.

The magic hand:

The next two frames show the laziness of the artist who painted the hand in, as it becomes blurred and blends into Jackie’s blazer.

Getting back to the Zapruder film, why was it necessary to remove these frames from the Zapruder film? Could it be the fact that, as Beverly Brunson wrote many years ago, that firecrackers or cherry bombs and streamers were thrown in front of the TSBD precisely at this moment?  Brunson cited these two testimonies from Secret Service agents Roy Kellerman and Warren Taylor. Kellerman during his Warren Commission testimony, and Taylor in a report he wrote contained in Volume 18:

And Brunson wrote this analysis in a paper she wrote in 1967:

To wrap up this entry, what started with Mike Machanska’s keen observation of the pasting of JFK’s head onto a couple of frames of the Towner film,  has turned into an avalanche of alterations which could explain why they had to remove a huge portion of the Zapruder film which would have shown the limousine making the turn from Houston onto Elm Street.